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Are you ready to let your new product $OAR?

E mpowered Virtual Assistant Agency is your product launch specialist! We’ll help you with all the details that will make your launch flow smoothly. We have assisted our clients through multiple HIGH END product and program launches, and we can help you with part or all of your launch. Oh, and one more thing! There are two common launch mistakes that you should never make!

  • Launch Mistake #1 – You try to go it alone. Scenario: Think about how much you charge your client’s per hour to work with you. Say you charge $150, take that amount and multiple it by the minimum launch hours (if you worked part-time at 20 hours per week for 4 weeks/30 days). In this scenario, you ended up paying THOUSANDS, and you didn’t even have help! Instead of focusing on building a revenue stream that you do enjoy (e.g. signing new clients), you SPENT valuable time trying to put together a launch… while possibly allowing critical steps to fall in the cracks.
  • Launch Mistake #2 – You go for the lowest bid. Scenario: You grab someone for a few dollars an hour. This person means well and says they can help for said dollar amount. However, in most cases, they will lack the experience and knowledge you actually thought you were paying for. Their work is constantly redone, or the deliverables are always late/falling in the cracks. Reason? They’re learning as they’re going. In this scenario, “less” ended up costing you more.  Plus, there’s your personal energy expense to also take into consideration. Remember the first scenario?

EVAA’s goal is to save you money and your peace of mind!

When you hire Empowered Virtual Assistant Agency, you will be assigned a dedicated and experienced product launch manager. This person will meet with you at the beginning of your launch to set up the blueprint as well as keep you consistently updated on the project’s progress. Your Empowered VA will see to ALL the details, and continue to support you well after the launch!

You focus on the joy of building your business! We’ll focus on the business of managing it!™

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