If You're Tired of Draining Virtual Assistant Experiences Costing You THOUSANDS of Dollars and HOURS of Wasted Time,

and/or struggling to keep it all together by yourself... it's time to

Step out of the chaos… and into the Light!


E mpowered Virtual Assistant Agency is an American based woman-owned boutique agency. What do I mean by boutique? It means we intentionally maintain a smaller client base. This way, every client is my top priority as I prefer quality over quantity.

Although,  product and program launches are my specialty, I also offer other services that are sure to tie in nicely with your business needs.

What puts EVAA above the fray?

Having worked on globally recognized high-end events and launches with top industry leaders, I, Adonya Wong,  Chief Empowerment Officer, recognized the need for a better way of being in business; particularly in the New Thought/New Age industry. On July 1, 2011, I took the first step of a much-needed voyage to truly “know myself”. This voyage would necessitate the shifting of old paradigms and outdated ways of doing… and BEing. Through deep contemplation, I invested the next three years, navigating another dark night of the Soul, to acknowledge and honor what yearned to be changed within myself; ultimately, releasing many layers for healing and transmutation.

EVAA is a manifestation of this sojourn. Welcome.

So, if  you need assistance with your latest product or program launch for your heart-centered business,  Empowered Virtual Assistant Agency is here to support you… and I speak your language too.

Contact me today, and let’s see if EVAA is a vibrational match for you and your business!

You focus on the joy of building your business! We’ll focus on the business of managing it!™

Be Served while Being of Service

5% of every service is donated to the following organization. Their mission

is to help communities protect and manage their natural resources.


Click here to make a personal donation

Vision for Our Soul’s Intention

We see a world where we are living in alignment with the bigger Intention we made before we came into these bodies, before we came to this Earth; where we have realized that our daily intentions are in us because of desires we brought with us when we were born to this life; and that our comfort or discomfort here on Earth is caused by whether we are moving toward or away from our bigger Intention – our Soul’s Intention.

We see a world where all people have discovered their individual calling – their Soul’s Intention – and are living, working, playing, and loving in alignment with it.

Tony Burroughs

Founder, The Intenders of the Highest Good

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